Staycation count down


Counting down and Prawn’s birthday celebration with his friends at Capri hotel by Changi Fraser.

We basically smoked up the alley cos we’ve been cooking all night. We even have Philips Air Fryer with us! Talk about convenient fried snack. lol. Some of the dishes we cooked include salmon, pork chop, pasta, salad, luncheon meat fries, fried crab meat, rendang chicken…

Of course, we also bought along tons of alcohol. Too bad, I was sick and couldn’t eat a lot of the fried stuff and drink.


This is good stuff. Bread with lobster.


So they surprised him with a cake which he already knew. hahaha
And we just ate the cake directly like that, without plate or anything.

wpid-img-20150101-wa0013.jpg wpid-img-20150101-wa0008.jpg

Let’s toast to a new beginning and toast to their long lasting friendship!
Oh and wait, I can’t believe I also knew them for 7 years. lol.


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