Getting back my fair complexion

So the holiday trip has caused me to be darker in complexion and looking very dull! If I look good being tan, I wouldn’t mind. But what I get isn’t just the tan, but uneven tan!! My nose and forehead are darker than the rest of my face and my body has got tan line which looks really bad.

I’m going on a whitening diet now. I may be extreme but I’m just gonna go all the way out to get back my fair complexion in the fastest possible time, and most importantly to regain radiance once more. I’m 13 days into the the new regime. And I’m actually seeing a wee bit of result now. If all these fail, then I’m really not sure what else works anymore. So I’m putting my every cent on them and they better work!

Btw, I discovered that Guardian has their own online shop and they have free delivery for orders above $20. They use Taqubin services so the delivery is very efficient! I got my Kinohimitsu drinks in a day’s time. You can select your own delivery date. And it’s awesome because I don’t have to carry those heavy boxes home myself!

20/12 – Nivea UV whitening serum
22/12 – SKII Cellumination Essence EX
23/12 – SKII Facial Treatment Essence
24/12 – Kinohimitsu J’pan UV Bright Drink

PS: nothing is sponsored here.


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