Prawn goes prawning

You see, couples like us who have been together for more than 5 years, start to crack their head hard over what to do on birthdays. I’ve been thinking about what have we not done for the past 7 years and suddenly the idea of prawning came to my head. I’m glad we usually don’t do the expensive kinda dates often, leaving us with some more to-do ideas on birthdays.

So I brought Prawn to go prawning (pun intended. hehe) at Fish @ Big Splash! It’s $18 per hour, $28 for 2 hours. And we decided to stay on for 2 hours.

It’s my first time prawning. I was trying hard to be more patient. lol.

We didn’t get much catch in the first hour and we started googling for tips for prawning. A kind soul saw us without catches, came over to teach us how to prawn! He even gave us some of his catches! After his guidance, we started to have more catches. Luckily he’s there!!

The best part of prawning should be the reward right? Freshly BBQ prawns. But the fact that they are alive kinda put us off. We don’t really dare to poke the satay stick through the prawns alive. At last, I muster enough courage to do it. So I did the poking while Prawn BBQ them. lol. Look at his disgusted face cos he can’t bear to see the alive prawns being BBQ-ed.

Our end product!!

Super oiishii! Of course right? They are fresh!

We also won a free 30 min fish spa. Omg, it’s our first time and it is really very ticklish!! lol, I abit cannot stand it ar. But sooner or later, we got used to it.

It’s a very happy day out with Prawn. Hehe.
We had Japanese Sushi at Shinkei Restaurant but I guess I will leave that to another post next time!

TIll then!


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