Hair Styling for Lashes by Clio De Cara Mascaras

clio 1

For the first time, lashes can enjoy salon-grade styling just like your hair does, thanks to three new Clio Salon de Cara mascaras (S$24.90)! These mascaras come with special wands and salon-inspired formulas to comb your lashes to new height.

mascara B1. Each mascara wand is modeled after salon-styling tools, be it hair rollers, a round hairbrush or a hairstylists’ hands.

2. Also, they contain salon inspired formulas of volume powder and hair waxes.

3. Not to forget, Argan Oil, which helps repair hair damage and Ceramide, which smoothens hair cuticles, locks in moisture and prevents damage.

Let’s put the Mascaras to the test!

For stick-straight lashes: 002 Roll Brush Cara 
salon de clara 1

This simulates a hairbrush to give your lashes stunning curls with volume. It is supposed to give your lashes dramatic curls that last longer.

Verdict: It does gives volume and curls. But it doesn’t lengthen the lashes much.

For sparse and short lashes: 003 Finger Cara 

 roller de cara

This wand has 228 bristles that part three ways at the tip to extend your lashes as if being pulled outwards by your stylist’s hands. It contains fibres that attach to each lash strand for visible lengthening effects.

Verdict: This is my favourite of the three! It gives enough length, enough curl and enough volume too!

For long and thin lashes: 001 Hair Roll Cara 

finger de cara 1

This is like setting your hair with rollers to get voluminous curls. Now you can give yourlashes a boost in volume!

Verdict: This gives slight volume but not as much as finger de cara.

Overall: These mascaras are innovative and good to have, but not necessary the best in the market though.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤



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