Clio Kill Liners smoother, longer lasting and more intense

Eyeliners help define the eyes and can make one look less tired when worn correctly. Clio liners claim to be waterproof and smudge proof so your eye makeup can last the entire day without looking like a panda. This is really important to me as I tend to have very watery eyes. T.T

The liner is also more moisturizing now thanks to a humectant.

Three types of liners were sent to me; the pen liner in both black and brown, the pencil liner and the brush liner. Before it gets too confusing, let me explain why you need so many varieties of liners.

The pen liner is good on a daily basis. It is easy to draw as it is stiffer and it makes controlling it easier.
The pencil liner is good for lower lash line and tight lining as it looks more natural.
The brush liner is super black and pigmented, good on days when you want a more dramatic look.

But if you only budget for one liner, I would say get the BRUSH LINER! It is super black and the brush is thinner than the pen liner, meaning you can draw a thinner natural liner than the pen liner. I also feel that the brush liner is not as stiff as the pen liner and proves a smoother glide. T

In case you are unsure of which colour to buy, I would say just get both! The black is good for a dramatic weekend while the brown is perfect for a natural work day.

The pencil liner has a blunt end which doesn’t poke the eyes, making it the perfect liner to do tight lining.

I did a rub test and the liners stay on perfectly! It is indeed waterproof and does not budge at all.

I did a waterproof test and unfortunately only the brush liner managed to stay on. Looks like if you do have watery eyes like mine, the liners will still come off. Oh and please do not try to do water activities wearing them. :X


Clio Kill Brown Pen Liner 

I always love to give my eyes a little wing at the back. It helps elongates my eyes and looks fluttering!
I am using Clio Gelpresso Liner in Bloody Angel on my lower lid.

Clio Kill Black Pen Liner and Clio Pencil Liner in Brown 

As you can probably tell, this look is more intense than the first look. I used the pen liner in black on the top lid and pencil liner in brown on the inner corner lower lid towards the pupil and also towards the end of the lower lid, leaving the middle part empty. This helps defines the eyes and doesn’t make them smaller.

This is a full eye makeup that is intense and strong for a special occasion using Clio liners.

Pencil liner (S$17.90)
Pen liner (S$22.90)
Brush liner (S$25.90)

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤




3 thoughts on “Clio Kill Liners smoother, longer lasting and more intense

  1. Yay! I have the pen liner in Kill Brown and I loveeee it so much! ❤ Mine didn't come off in water though! :O It stayed on! I think it might be because I let it set first? But wow, the brush liner looks exactly the same!

      1. Yeah! Because I kept washing my hands later on and it was still there LOL. I agree though, it’s great! 😀 Amazing review by the way, I think I might end up picking up the brush one too! ❤

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