CNY Meh Meh Year Day 1 OOTD


 Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers out there!!

Hope you guys are enjoying yourself. For me, I still love the dressing up part and it is so cool to see everyone dress up to the nines on the street. No more flip flops for once. For many years, I skipped wearing red but this year, I decided to wear red again. The skirt was a random pick from FEP and I didn’t even take long to decide on this. I wanted to wear something simple and not too flowery. Pairing with a white top was perfect for me!

I haven’t worn off shoulder for a really long time as I usually have difficulty picking a suitable piece for my small shoulder. I’m so glad this works out pretty good for me!

wpid-img-20150219-wa0008.jpgAt my Ah Ma’s house taking wefie while waiting for the rest to come.
Btw, I really love my hair length. I got my hair trimmed and dyed a month before the CNY.
I seldom talk about my hair cuts on my blog since it is not sponsored but I really want to give thanks to Simon from Shunji Matsuo by Lily Xu. He’s the one who has been taking great care of my hair and always giving me awesome haircuts that are manageable. Also, I considered myself pretty hardworking as I do blow dry my hair everyday with a round brush. And no, he doesn’t know I blog. :p


With cuzzie at popo’s house.

wpid-img-20150219-wa0019.jpg wpid-img-20150219-wa0017.jpg

Our pretty manicures!

Meh the huat be with you!


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