Thought Bubbles: On Valentine’s Day

A lovey dovey private affair or a day to show off?


I am not a bouquet type of person. In fact, I always tell Prawn not to get me any flowers as flowers wither and I can’t bear to see money wither like that. I keep dried flowers but soon, they are just on the vase occupying the space and let’s face it, the house do not have spaces for that. With that said, it doesn’t mean I disapprove of men getting bouquets for their ladies. I think it is a sweet gesture and shows that they are generous enough to spend on something that isn’t too practical yet romantic enough for their lady to feel love. I guess balloons as well.

Just the other day, I was sitting on a bus looking through the window. I saw a girl in uniform, carrying huge balloons. Another girl who was standing beside me on the bus quickly commented that the girl does not deserve the balloons because she is not as pretty as her. She deserve it better than anyone else.

I took a quick glance at her. Meh…she’s just a normal secondary school girl who probably has not gone through puberty yet. What makes her in the right position to comment about other girls?

Pretty or not, every girl deserve to be loved and doted on. As long as the girl’s personality outshines her beauty, I see no reason why she does not deserve those balloons. I bet that secondary school girl commented that because her balloons received are smaller than hers. For her to say that, she must be real jealous.

And that makes the second point: the size of the gifts.
Does the size or the value of the gifts matter that much? I see on FB girls posing with their bouquets. It is almost like a competition-who’s got the biggest bouquet? Poor girls with only one stalk of rose, they speak nothing of it and sometimes might even feel ashame to share online.

I like gifts because it shows that I’m on the person’s mind. But I love gifts with sentimental value more, like a handmade card. I think that’s more than enough to make me feel love.

This year, neither do I have a gift nor a card which I’ve been dying to receive. For a moment, I was upset because I thought he didn’t prepare anything. But what I got was a moment of love which makes me tear. It was a speech, a 1 min speech on why he love me. A question which was never answered whenever I ask him.



And that to me is very sweet. πŸ™‚

V day is just a one time affair. We should live everyday like V day.



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