Skechers Go Walk 2


Skechers Go Walk 2 shoes has been my to wear shoes whenever I have to walk an entire day. The reason why I love it is because I can go sock less (opps I am really lazy like that) and it is so lightweight that I generally don’t feel like I’m wearing shoes. The cushion also makes it suitable for walking all day long.

DSC03393Contrary to many people’s choice of safe colours, I picked up the hot pink one.  The bright pink seems to brighten up any outfit I’m wearing. And it’s cute. Don’t you think so?


I don’t have hard and fast rules when it comes to matching my outfit with my Skechers. Cos honestly when you are out and about, comfort is the utmost priority. In any case, I don’t find hot pink a difficult colour to match at all.







I practically wear them everyday when I was in Australia.


That’s how much I love my Skechers! Do you have a comfortable pair of shoes that is meant for walking?




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