Thought Bubbles: The day Singapore lost a great man


Mr Lee Kuan Yew is a tough man, who fought for his country with all his might, who spent the whole of his lifetime making Singapore into what it is today. With a blink of an eye, 50 years have passed, our nation though small stands strong as one united nation. I am grateful to have a place like Singapore to call home.  We are definitely bless to have one great man with far vision and good leadership like Mr Lee.

I quote Mr Lee, “In the end my greatest satisfaction in life comes with the fact that I have spent years gathering support, mustering the will to make this place meritocratic, corruption-free and equal for all races, and that it will endure beyond me. I have done what I had wanted to, to the best of my ability. I am satisfied.”

SG50 is definitely a special year. As we celebrate the nation’s 50 years of independence and as we mourn over the loss of our fore father, our first prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, let us stop and reflect upon the past, appreciate what our forefathers have done for us , ensure the present and continue to bring Singapore to a greater height. Only then, will Mr Lee’s dream be truly fulfilled.






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