Shirokiya with 2B alternative peeps


So the peeps from 2B alternative Hong Kong flew over to Singapore for work and met us for dinner at Shirokiya. It i always heart warming to know that a brand always remember us and how they keep this relationship more than just partners and clients.

So for the entire night, we feasted and talked about lots of things under the sun.

Before we start to feast, they gave us a packet of Kill Meal (大餐急救) to eat.


Inside there are 3 pills and they tasted like sour plum sweets. This can help to absorb the oil from the food we eat. It should be taken 30 mins before or after meal. Now we can indulge in our meals without guilty! They have also come out with the pills for BBQ and hot pot.

Now is food time!

So Shirokiya also have hot pot with collagen.

DSC00051 What you need to do is to pour this jelly like thing, which is actually collagen, into the hot pot and wait for it to melt into soup.
The ingredients in the hot pot is really fresh. The soup was sweet but it does not set a deep impression like that of bejin nabe.

I love the rice in this dish!

This is a tad oily though.

Salmon fish head is not bad too!

Overall, this place provides a good ambiance to catch up with friends. I don’t mind going back again.

DSC00063Here’s a picture with the 2B alternative peeps! 😀




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