Goodbye Gelish, welcome Nars polish


I enjoy gelish but I don’t particularly fancy the long removal process. It is like a moment of handicap when I have my fingers soak in acetone, wrap around with aluminium foil and quite unlikely to do anything at all. Not to mention, it leaves my nails dry and brittle.

To combat the problem, I would make sure I file and buff my nails before and after the removal. I then end off with cuticle oil on my cuticles. I don’t buy an extra cuticle oil; I make use of my face oil and double it up as cuticle oil. That saved me a lot of moolahs and it worked pretty good for me!

wpid-dsc00086.jpgI enjoy having colours on my nails and one of my favourite nail polish to use is this NARS in Schiap which is a lovely hot pink that complements my skin tone. I love the consistency, the finish and the tiny brush that makes application easier. It doesn’t last long though. It starts chipping in the third day or so?


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Gelish, welcome Nars polish

  1. WOW. Your nails look AMAZING. I have Nars Schiap – but have yet to use it! Guess what I’m putting on tonight? LOL! And yeah – the gel removal process is long and unhealthy, in my opinion.

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