Bold Lipstick Look

I decided that my birthday look has got to look simple yet fresh and pops. Lip colour is really important in this look. Eyes should focus on contouring.  Of course, the skin has to have a natural glow.
So let’s get started!


1. I apply and blend Klarity CC lotion as my primer, followed by Shu Uemura Pore Blurring Primer. This helps to correct my skin colour and minimize my pores.
2. Using beauty blender, I blend Cover Mark’s Moisture Veil Foundation onto my skin.
3. I use a lighter shade than my foundation and apply in on the forehead, below my eyes, nose bridge and chin to highlight these areas. I then blend it with beauty blender.
4. I apply Makeup Forever concealer using my ring finger.
5. Set my makeup with Ettusais  powder for a longer lasting makeup.


1. Draw my eyebrows using Kate Cosmetic Lasting Eyebrow pencil and set it with the eyebrow powder.
2. Contour the side of my nose using the eyebrow powder.
3. Darken the eyelid using a matte peach brown eyeshadow.
4. For a deep set looking eyes, contour the eye socket using a matte dark brown eyeshadow.

5. To let the eyes pop, apply a champagne shimmery eyeshadow on the double eyelid.

6. Using stila liquid liner, line the eyes and give my eyes a little wing at the end.

7. Line the lower lid using Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Pencil Liner. Using the same champagne colour, line the lower lid below the liner.

8. Apply Dark Brow matte shadow on the lower lid.

9. Apply Laneige Blusher in No.3 Angel Pink on the cheek.

10. Apply Maybelline Bold Matte colorsensational in Mat 1 which is a bright pink lipstick.



And that’s my finished bold lipstick look.



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