Happy 8 years anniversary

It’s hard to believe that 8 years just went past like that. I can still remember vividly how we met during our common module in polytechnic, the first conversation we had, the jacket he always wear, the first time he called me cutie pie and I ran away, the very awkward first date when we shared a spoon and a straw, the first gift he gave and the first song he sang to me. It’s as though everything just happened yesterday and fast forwarded till today, 8 years of relationship we had.

I wouldn’t say things were smooth sailing through these years. But definitely, we had more good times than the bad. We are so much different from the first time we knew each other now but we still choose to stick by each other,  rediscover each other and try to make things work . We may not share the same interest, love the same music, even our personalities are the opposite of each other. Yet, whenever we meet, we always have tons to talk about. Perhaps, it’s because we have little in common and that’s why we get to share more with each other. He brings a little of what he likes to me and I share my likes with him too. And we are both very accepting to each other’s likes and dislikes. We respected each other as individuals a lot and we never force it upon each other to do what we do or like what we like. Okay, even though sometimes I would force him to watch my favourite show with me but he accommodates too. lol.

As a couple, we joke, we laugh and we cry together. He would also do his best to protect and dote on me like shielding me from the sun or rain, bring me to places that I don’t know how to go even if it means waking up early, carry those heavy things of mine, bring a jacket for me whenever we watch the movies, queue for food for me, sent me home even if it means travelling from the west to the east. Those little things should never be taken for granted. Frankly, I would never trade these 8 years of relationship with anything else.

And so, to celebrate our anniversary as well as my birthday, Prawn booked 2 seats at Taratata Bistro restaurant which serves French cuisine. It has such a romantic ambiance and the food was pretty good too!

The onion soup which was really unique!

Foie Gras

Cod Fish with baby spinach. A little small in portion though.

Angus steak.

Escargot. My favourite! This goes well with the bread too!

Lemon Tart with Lemon Sorbet.

You know what’s the most important lesson or insight that I’ve gained from my relationship?
That is to never expect. The less you expect, the less disappointment you will get. And sometimes, the least expected always happens. But if you are really expecting something, make your expectations known so that he can work on it. (:

wpid-dsc00378.jpgThank you for the card that I’ve been waiting for ages. It’s beautiful! 😀

Happy 8th years together.


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