My love for Covermark

I first got to know about Covermark a few years back when I was in search for the best loose powder. I went counter to counter and finally decided to purchase the loose powder from Covermark because of how fine the powder is. I also like that it contains slight shimmer particles that allows the skin to look like it is radiating glow but not too much. Most of all, it was affordable compared to many other high end products in the the market.

I had formed good impression on Covermark based on that one product but later stopped buying from them because I was swayed away with many other brands in the market.

This year, I rekindled my love for Covermark when I was looking for a liquid foundation. Jermaine gladly introduced me to try one of Covermark’s latest foundation — Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid. So I got to the counter at Taka, and the sales assistant over there politely test out the colours on my skin to find a suitable match for my skin. She was not pushy, approachable and was very careful not to hurt me through the process.

She chose the colour MN20 for my skin. Honestly, this colour wasn’t the perfect to the T kinda of colour for my skin. But it was very very natural looking. Anything lighter I would look too pale.

This product holds together, doesn’t drip and provides medium and buildable coverage. It’s a cream foundation that feels light on the skin like liquid foundation. A little goes a long way and usually a pea size or so is enough for my entire skin.

This Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid foundation also claims to attract and reflect light by making the skin look illuminated from within. The amazing thing is it can make the skin to look brighter as time passes.

Price: SGD$55

I got this pretty blusher as my free gift when I purchased the foundation. The colour was light and contains shimmers that helps as highlighter too.

Because I like the foundation so much, I went back the second time to purchase the Moisture Veil Loose Powder. I love the netted packaging as it transfers just the right amount of powder onto the sponge without making a mess. The sponge is also very fluffy and soft on the skin!

After using the loose powder, makeup finish looks baby smooth and last longer! On normal days, I would top this loose powder on my Klarity CC lotion and I’m ready for work.

Price: $50SGD

The good thing about Covermark is that they are always ready to give samples for us to try. It is really a nice gesture that every other brands should follow too. I was given the treatment cleansing milk to try and I love it the first time I tried it!

So for the third time, I went back and purchased the full size Treatment Cleansing Milk. I haven’t tried cleansing milk before but I was truly impressed with how this cleansing milk cleanses off my makeup easily without tugging and provides moisture to the skin. Unlike oil cleanser, the milk cleanser is easy to wash off.  It contains 9 types of faint essential oils, including Orange, Atlas Cedar and Wild Rose, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Price: SGD $55 

I love how efficient these products are and their no frail packaging. I honestly think I will go back to Covermark again pretty soon because I’m very interested in their Mineral Wash!



8 thoughts on “My love for Covermark

  1. Looking at your reviews tempts me to buy something from Covermark! Only tried on Moisture Veil powder and it was good! Maybe I will also get the foundation. 🙂

  2. I’ve been using their creamy liquid foundation since Dec after attending their workshop and I’m still using it now! I really like it as it doesn’t oxidized and really long lasting despite the hot weather! I still look fresh at the end of the day!

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