Tree top Walk at Macritchie


Wanted a different date today, so I suggested going to Macritchie Reservoir. Been looking at pictures online and saw how beautiful the tree top walk is, hence I was excited to embark on the tree top walk journey!


wpid-dsc00544.jpg wpid-dsc00548.jpg

Didn’t realise how beautiful Macritchie reservoir is. It just seems like such a nice place for a get away. It was a relatively easy trek, hence the 7 to 8km walk to and fro ain’t that a challenge for me. It gets a little tiring when going uphill though.

Hahha! Spotted many monkeys, snakes, squirrels during the trek.

Half way through the trek, it started raining. But thankfully, we were “sheltered” by the trees from the rain. However, the rain makes the ground more muddy to walk on and our shoes are very dirty at the end of the walk.

Finally, we reached the tree top walk. The walk offers bird eye view of the plants in this canopy. The highest point of this walk is at 25m.
wpid-dsc00553.jpg  wpid-dsc00563.jpg

It was a lovely day spent. And then we ended the day with awesome indian cuisine plus a visit to Le’toile Cafe to have my truffle fries. 🙂
I totally recommend everyone to go!


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