Orbis Oil Cut Care-Na Hot Cool Gel


I’ve been using this Oil-cut Care-Na Hot Cool Gel scrub from Orbis for awhile now and I haven’t quite get down to writing it. When it comes to brands that I’m not quite sure about, I often need a lot of time before I’m able to make judgement. I do a lot of research on my own prior to sharing. Even more so because this is a sponsored product.

Orbis is a Japanese brand that does skin care, health food and supplements. I love beauty products from the Asia market because I find them most suitable for our Asian skin.

This hot-cool gel is definitely in my list of favourite beauty item to use. This product claims to thoroughly deep cleanses and tightens the pores with charcoal powder and witch hazel. It is also hydrating enough for my skin.

Many products have been using charcoal as one of their ingredient and what it does to the skin is that it helps draw impurities to the skin’s surface, absorbs sebum and to help fight acne.

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and also acts as an astringent to help minimize pores.

The product itself is black in colour and contains micro beads. As I apply it on my skin, I felt a warm sensation and the skin instantly warms up, to prepare itself for the deep pore cleansing effect.

As I massage the product onto the skin, the micro beads, together with the charcoal powder helps to remove the impurities and thoroughly cleanses the pores. As the beads were small, it wasn’t harsh to the skin.

Later on, I felt the warm sensation slowly cooled down.It was the witch hazel taking effect now. It helps to minimize my pores and freshen up the skin at the same time.

On the whole, I really love this as my scrub. I use it twice a week, and my pores always felt really clean afterwards. I recommend thisto people who have oily or combination, acne prone skin.

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Price: S$21.50 for 60g

Availability: Orbis counters


One thought on “Orbis Oil Cut Care-Na Hot Cool Gel

  1. This is informative and useful. I personally love using argan oil
    by Sheerargan. Argan oil is good for makeup since it’s not oily or
    greasy. Its also very lightweight oil that can be used as a daily

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