I’m a lover of colours but that doesn’t mean I do not love neutrals. Besides the usual black and white, I love the colour Grey. Grey is an unemotional colour; it does not leaves behind a deep impression and is an easily forgotten colour. Unlike black or white which often is the choice of colour for formal events, grey is never the choice. It is neither bold like other colours nor glamourous like black and white. It is very much quiet and reserve.

Perhaps that’s the reason why the colour Grey speaks to me. I’m pretty much an easily forgotten person. I’ve been told often enough that I do not have a strong presence. I do not speak much, or rather I choose not to until I’m very comfortable.

Grey is a comforting colour although a little depress at times. You can never go wrong with grey. It is reliable, stable and calming. And that’s the reason why I choose the colour Grey.


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