What’s my daily essentials

I like to keep the content of my bag simple. If I’m not going anywhere in particular, these are just the essentials that can keep me going throughout the day.

Prada Wallet
I do not bring this wallet with me everyday. Sometimes, I change into a thinner wallet but this is just the wallet that I would bring if I’m going shopping afterwards. It is not just a wallet, but also an organizer for all my essential cards.

HTC one M9
I recently changed my phone from Samsung S4 to HTC one M9. Android has served me well, hence I’m sticking to it. I’m particularly drawn to the dual tone finishing of the phone. It is just cosmetically elegant. Not to mention, the sound quality of this phone is superb. I’m enjoying this new phone very much.

Lipstick, hand cream and my watch are definitely something I’d feel uneasy without.
I bring different lipstick and watch according to my mood.

To combat dry eyes, I bring along my eye drop. This brand is frm Japan and you can get it from Watsons. If I do visit the gym, I would bring Biore Facial Wipes with me to remove makeup on my skin before exercising. A pair of sunglasses is important to shield me from the sun rays.


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