Stress so I painted my nails

So I think I need a chill pill. I go insanely stressed up and crazy whenever I think about work.
It’s been merely two years since I started working but certain project that I took on just stresses me out every month. And although I’ve been getting lots of help from my colleagues I just cannot…… I know I need to breathe ….Just one more week before my deserving break comes.

So this weekend, I trimmed my own bangs and eyebrows and painted my own nails.
As far as stress is concern, I’m not the type who will forget all about grooming. I think I might even be more hardworking than before. Possibly deriving joy from looking well-groomed. lol.

My nails at the moment: [ Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet][ OPI in Nagellack]



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