JB trip: Restoran Gim Cheng and Thai Odyssey Massage

Went to Johor Bahru last sunday with Prawn and headed over to Restoran Gim Cheng 锦城茶楼 for awesome dim sum.  This place is about 20 mins taxi ride from City Square and the fare was about 20RM. I heard this place is a favourite not only among the tourists but also the locals. Be there early as there were many people.

These plates of fried food are always popular and got snatched away pretty soon.

Here’s part of the dishes that we ordered.

Egg tarts were pretty amazing!

I love their Siew Mai, the skin isn’t too thick and it was just nice.

Another favourite of mine would be fried banana. I love how crunchy it was on the outside and moist in the inside. Love it.

A selfie taken before we left.

Restoran Gim Cheng 锦城茶楼
2 Jalan Sagu 36, Taman Daya

After the hearty meal, we went off for a movie at City Square, Jurassic World. I was shocked by the amount of people at the cinema. Looks like many people came here to watch movie. lol

We also had our long awaited massage at Thai Odyssey. I had Aromatherapy Massage while Prawn had the traditional Thai massage.

I love their service! Feet wash and tea were served before and after the actual massage.

The strength was a little gentle though but I have nothing to complain about since that was pretty much what I wanted.

Price list for your reference.

We had sushi king for dinner. Nothing special to rave about though.

Bought Secret Recipe cake Chocolate Fudge home as my breakfast the next morning.

It was a happy day!



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