Post-workout Makeup

Since the year started, I’ve been hitting the gym diligently. I always bring along my makeup pouch to refresh my look post work-out. These are what I normally bring with me:

1. Kent Hand Made Comb
2.  Lucidol-L Juicy Moist Hair Wax
3, Hair clip 
4. Moisturizer (I used a contact lens case for it) 
5. Astalift Perfect UV Protector in SPF 50 PA++++
6. Shu Uemura Smooth Out Instant Pore Blurring Primer 
7. Makeup Forever Full Cover concealor in No.4
8. Laneige Pure Radiant Blush in Angel Pink 
9. Kate Lasting Eyebrow W
10. Covermark Moisture Veil Loose Powder  
11. VDL lip tint bar
12. Biore cleansing wipes 
13. Hair Tie 

For me, a quick and easy base makeup is what I normally go for post-workout. I always work with my fingers and always go for the no makeup makeup look.

The sun is burning hot these few days so a sunscreen is really essential in my makeup routine.
My new found love is Astalift Perfect UV protector with SPF50+  PA++++.  Astalift is a brand by Fujifilm which makes their skincare products really interesting.

It contains Light Analyzing Powder that control light absorption and reflection to achieve a brighter skin tone. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize the skin.

It come out looking a little thick but is very blendable and gets absorbed really quick. What I really like is the glow on the skin after application. It looks like I have radiant skin which was perfect for a no makeup makeup look.

To combat big pores, I apply Shu Uemura instant pore blurring primer.
I’ve tried so many pore primer but this seems to top my list. It works wonderfully well without causing any cakiness in my makeup. With or without foundation, I will be sure to use this primer.

Makeup Forever concealer is my holy grail concealer. I decided not to bring any base makeup  as I’m using the concealer as my spot cover, and then top it up with my loose powder.

I mix and blend the concealer with moisturizer win the ration 1:2.

The concealer sheers out and instantly became a “liquid foundation”. I apply it on the areas I wanna highlight as well as areas I needed to conceal. The finish beats having foundation all over the skin

After blending it out.



Tadda, my finished look that doesn’t look thick,  with a glow on the skin.


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