Thought Bubbles: Work is starting soon

So my holiday is about to end very soon. You see, the nature of my job is that I have to constantly be on my engine and not be able to take a break in between like taking leaves as and when I like. I usually have to keep my engine on, keep persevering until my well-deserved break comes. Work gets really hectic as the days go by and I can get extremely negative if the feelings I have from over working is not dealt with properly.

And then, just as my fuel is running low, the break arrives and that leaves me some space to breathe, do the things I love doing, make my room a little more like a room and you know, just simply exercise and sleep. Suddenly I feel alive. You know, this morning I woke up early to have my breakfast with a smile and went back home to sleep again.  Or when I get to go to the gym at 12pm when usually I would be at work, and then head to the mall for some shopping. These awesome feelings are so god damm precious. But I know one cannot be enjoying everyday without working hard.

So I’m gonna begin work soon, and as I start my work, I shall promise to treat myself a little better by making time out to exercise and have my monthly facial. Also, I will remember to breathe, take the time to reflect and feel thankful.

With every break, comes energy, growth and improvement. I believe I need to and have to grow stronger, to overcome any stress that comes my way. I  have to remind myself that I’m no longer a newbie and I have to start contributing in every way possible. I love my job and stress shouldn’t take me away from my love. Because I’m blessed. I’m blessed to have a job and I’m blessed to work with people like I’ve always wanted.



Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned but how it’s meant to be.

Good luck. May the force be with me. (:


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