Liese Bubble Hair Color in Sweet Apricot

I was tired of my pudding head so I decided to dye my hair again. Not wanting to spend that much on hair dye in the salon, I picked up Liese Bubble Hair Colour again! I am not too sure if my hair stylist would be happy about it but I know my pocket does. lol.

I picked the colour Sweet Apricot which was in the orange shade.
When it comes to self dye, I always pick Liese because it is easy to do it myself. They have various colours to choose from as well. For the past few times, I always choose darker colours like Sweet Pink,  Raspberry Brown and  Antique Red. So this time round, I decided on a brighter colour just because I wanna feel more summery! And knowing Liese, colours won’t turn up super bright uness you have a super light base colour, which is a good thing as that makes it suitable for work.

So here’s my original hair colour. Faded red brown hair that turns into brown.

After result after using Liese bubble hair colour in Sweet Apricot!
It was exactly as shown in the box and my pudding head is gone!

Colour pay off : ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The new formula is also more foamy and more moisturizing!

I’m very happy with the result  as the dye was pretty even and the colour shows up very nicely!


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