THOUGHT BUBBLES: How to be happy

My goal this year is to be happy. Sounds simple? But in fact, happiness needs to be created and we should all be mindful about what makes us happy. Once we know what makes us happy, only then will we be able to make a conscious effort in doing the things that make us happy.

For the past year, I’ve been feeling lethargic and restless. Retail therapy seems to work for a moment but it doesn’t last. I would dread work and nothing much seems to cheer me up. I fell sick easily as well.
This year, I was determined to change that and even more so in the second half of the year when I started being mindful about what makes me happy.



I’ve noticed how exercising makes me happy. It’s the adrenaline rush that I experienced whenever I exercise that I’m in love with it.

The only problem is starting an exercise regime. I joined a gym at the beginning of the year to force me to exercise. Because if I need to pay to exercise, I would do so isn’t it? I tried to stick to the twice a week plan. Each time I visit the gym, I would jog and walk for 20 mins and then proceed to use simple weight machines. Sometimes I would go for some dance class to sweat it off. I tried to stick to the routine but sometimes work hindered my plan and I cancelled my gym time as I didn’t like to go to the gym after 5pm.

So now, I started running outdoor. I reckon that if I have no time for gym, I would still have time to run at the park near my place. There was no excuse. Running isn’t my favourite sport but I stick to it because it is the most convenient exercise to do and it burns calorie fast. My fitness goal would be to be able to complete my 2.4km in 16 mins (back to good old days) and also to say goodbye to my little tummy bulge. lol. So far, I’ve lost one inch off my tummy due to exercise and a slimming cream which I will share next time!

Write a happiness journal 


I chance upon this quote recently:

When you fall asleep tonight, I want you to think of at least one good thing that has been good today. It might be difficult and you might think that there’s nothing but however bad the day has been, there’s always one thing, even if it’s a tiny thing, that has been good and sometimes it can be helpful to remind yourself of that as you fall asleep.

So I  just started a happiness journal where I would record events of things that make me happy, usually work related since I spent most of my weekdays working. This allows me to feel happy and look forward to work each day. My tip is that think of one area in life that you would like to improve and write your journal based on that. If you want to improve and feel happy in your relationship, then write down the happy things that happened in your relationship. But for me, it would be work so I write down things that happened during work that makes me happy. Trust me, with these daily practices, you will soon be able to feel happy.

Learn or do something new


I started learning ukulele. It something I’ve n ever thought of doing but it proves to me that anyone can learn music as long as you don’t give up. I feel powered when I do something out of my comfort zone. And music has this ability to make one happy. It also allows me to get away from work. I guess now I have a new hobby!




4 thoughts on “THOUGHT BUBBLES: How to be happy

  1. These are great tips 🙂 Thank you. These days I haven’t been feeling all that great myself but I’ll be taking your tips into consideration and see where I can improve.

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