Benefit Brow Bar and Brow Zings review


People who knew me always know that I trimmed my brows myself. But one day I passed by Benefit Brow Bar and saw how dedicated and careful they are in handling the customer’s brows. So I decided to pamper myself and gave brow waxing a go at Sephora Ion’s Benefit Brow Bar.

This was my second try at brow waxing. The first try was many many years ago at some reputable brow salon. To be honest, it was very painful and I remembered my brows were totally red from the waxing.


This time round, at Benefit Brow Bar, only two words can describe the experience and that is quick pain. It was not totally painless like some bloggers wrote, but the pain was quick and that makes it very bearable. The result is very clean and neat brows thereafter. Totally worth it, I would say.

Even though I had some brows shortcomings, nothing makeup can’t help. Since Benefit is a makeup brand, they also provide brow drawing service after the waxing is done. I saw her use Benefit Brow Zings on my brows and decide to purchase one since my usual eyebrow pencil is running out very soon.

The Brow Zings is a kit that comes with a hard-angled brush, shading brush as well as a tweezer. Very convenient kit to bring along for travel. Some may find the tools a bit too short to use. For me, it’s fine as the hard-angled brush does provide more control than my own brush which has softer hair.

The dark brow is the wax while the lighter brown is the powder. What I’ve gotten here is the medium shade. I dabbed a little of the wax and a little of the powder and start shading the outline of my brows with the hard-angled brush and then brush through using the brow powder with the shading brush.

Clean and neat brows can be achieved easily!


Here’s how my everyday go to work makeup looks like.  I try to keep things a minimum, skip eyeshadow, eyeliner and what not,  but will never forget my eyebrows. And while girls are going after the korean brows, I prefer mine with a little arch as it elongates my face and seem more feminine too.

Overall, really happy with Benefit Brow Bar and Brow Zings too!



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