I got a hair perm


Hair change again! My hair hit the shoulder and started to flip out every morning. The cosme treatment was dying out and my frizz was coming back. I did not have the time to tame my hair in the morning and usually turn up for work with my messy hair.

Shoulder length hair is pretty but really difficult to maintain. Hence I decided to get Simon (stylist from shunji matsuo by lily xu) to give me a perm. I’ve always like short hair curls but didn’t dare to try as I’m afraid my curls would be too tight. As my hair is short, Simon suggested going for Japanese perm that gives waves and volume instead of curly ringlets. I could even blow dry my hair straight with a C curl if I want to.


My hair situation in the salon.Simon assured me that the rollers he used on my hair isn’t big as I told him about how curly my hair was the first time I got a perm many years back.

The hair tend to look very curly when it is wet and they kept assuring me that the curls will loosen after blow drying. Well, I wasn’t afraid anyway as I have trust in my stylist.

They blew dry my hair straight with a C curl which was what I wanted initially. But as the curls were tight frm a fresh perm, I find my hair frizzes a little.

The next day, I tried styling my hair by myself and I decided to go for more curls! I realise I love it this way!



Styling the hair is much easier than I thought it would be. But it does require a bit of trial and error. So the above was styled through blow drying and a little bit of styling cream. I didn’t like the cream though as it makes my hair stiff and a little frizzy.

And also, I have to say perm hair dries the hair. It makes the hair very dry unless you have fine hair. But perm on fine hair doesn’t last as long.

So I spam conditioner and mask, trying to fix my dry hair. Nonetheless, I still love how curls look on me. It makes me look a little mature and feminine.


The second way to style my hair is to braid my hair and go to sleep. When I do that, my curls look amazing!


I get that beachy soft waves look effortlessly. To do that, you need to make sure that your hair is 80% dry. I apply argan oil and styling gel onto my hair before parting my hair into 2 parts and braid them.

When I wake up, I simply release my braids and try to separate the curls. Scrunch my hair upwards with styling product and I’m off to go!

This heatless method work best for wavy hair, perm or naturally wavy. It doesn’t work too well on straight hair as they tend to go back to their original state pretty fast.


And lastly, I have to say this product works wonder for my curls! It is Loretta wave gelee. I got in from Tokyo Hands in 313. It is a gel-based product that holds and moisturize the curls without causing stiffness.

I love it so much!!


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