Priorities change

It’s funny how I always say I need to start blogging again and I never did. I guess my priorities in life has changed and blogging, though still important as a platform for me to share, reflect and ponder, has gradually moved to the bottom of my needs.

I guess I no longer feel that strong urge to express myself that much anymore. They say those who care will listen to you in real life, those who read your blog are the ones who are curious but never really bothers.

At this point of time, I’ve learnt to digest my own emotions and handle them myself without feeling the need to share. Sometimes it might get a little unhealthy but I think that’s part of growing up. You will gradually find that there are lesser people around you and that you need to be strong enough to realize this.

For the past month, I haven’t been meeting people that much, but I’m glad at least I made the effort to meet the closer pals.

Met up with Ling the other day and we had a wonderful time chatting away. It’s been really long since we met up individually and it was great having lunch and catching up on each other’s life.

It’s my turn to organize an outing with the girls. So I introduced them to 串烧 and I’m glad that the girls love the food! As usual, we had a dress theme and this time round the theme was Denim.

Also met up with Siok after quite a long while. We had a great time having meals and lots of drinks session together. We have made plans on watching Les Miserable together next year! Ticket booked! Better make sure I don’t lose them. lol.

wpid-img_20151010_203821.jpg wpid-img_20151010_133916.jpg wpid-img_20151010_142859.jpg

I am also a model for my sis’ makeup exam. Love the creative and special effect makeup that she created on me. Of snow and fallen angel. So nice right? My sis also does bridal makeup, so if anyone is interested, please don’t hesitate to contact her through her fb page That Hazel Eyes Makeup Artistry. I will share more of work once I get the photos from her.


And also, I had a new dye and treatment done. My hair is now dark once again. This dark ash brown colour which the stylist did on me was perfect for my skintone. Dark hair makes my hair look relatively healthier which is a good thing!

And as for us, we have finally booked our ticket to Japan this coming year end. We are busy planning for the trip. We are both so excited because Japan is one country that we both have been wanting to go for a really time!!  I am also really excited as this is the second time I’m gonna be experiencing winter. Food, fashion, beauty and culture of Japan is enough for me to keep dreaming about this country. I’m so glad I’m coming!!


I’m practicing my ukulele almost everyday at home. And it gave me a great sense of satisfaction as I never thought I would be able to do it. Looks like there are no mission impossible tasks, there are only people who don’t try.


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