Time flies. I still remember those times when we girls talk about what’s the ideal age to get married, the ideal boyfriend and our crushes. With a blink of an eye, two of my secondary school friends are married and I’ve attended both their wedding. Another friend’s wedding is also coming up next year.

Like wow. Where did all the time go? But at the same time, I’m really happy to know that all of them are married happily and found their love who will take care of them for a lifetime.

At Hong’s wedding. Couldn’t be her sister due to the passing of granny but nonetheless I was there to help out at the reception counter with the rest of the girls. (:

At Michelle’s Singapore wedding where I helped out as an emcee together with my boyfriend. This is the first time we attended a wedding together and doing his fav thing together on stage. He said it was good to be doing his fav thing with his fav girl. Aww. ^-^

At Michelle’s Malaysia wedding as her maid of honour. She’s looking really pretty that day!!
Really thank her so much for hosting us for the past 3 days 2 nights in Malaysia, getting her hubbie’s friends and relatives to drive us around to and fro. It was definitely an eye opener to experience Malaysia’s wedding custom.

With the rest of the sisters at the banquet that night.

Friends of an eternity. (:

Wedding requires so much planning and lots of time and effort. Definitely not easy.
Holding on to a marriage is even more daunting but hopefully with true love, everyone can have a blissful marriage.


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