Japan Trip 2015

Japan was a good end to the year 2015. I’m thankful for Japan for allowing me to recharge myself this holiday. Honestly speaking, Japanese are full of passion and enthusiasm in their work and it makes me want to do the same in year 2016. It’s strange that although I didn’t want to think about work, images of me working kept appearing in my mind, like as if it was a sign to tell me that in year 2016, I should probably give my best effort in work. Well, not that I didn’t in 2015 but many times, negativity got to me. It was difficult to be positive when everyone around me think otherwise. And because I really did slogged my ass out so much so that I am really tired every single day. It was difficult to fight the devil in me because I can’t skipped work at all and that I envy those who can travel whenever they want. And so I hope that the coming year, I would be a better person in my work and learn to deal with all the stress and negativity.

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan but it is expensive. It is still expensive but like what my colleague says, Japan just made us spend our moolah willingly. lol. For the freshest sashimi you can ever get, best beef, cheap beer, endless sake and of course the made-in-japan products that shouts quality assurance.  It is my first visit to Japan and already, I am in love with the country. How did they manage to develop so well and yet retain the culture? Like Taiwan, I don’t think this is gonna be my first and last trip. I’m simply in love with the country.

My favourite part of Japan would probably be Osaka and Kyoto. Osaka for the kind of peacefulness I got and Kyoto for the amazing autumn scenery.

This is Sinsekai in Osaka. It is not as crowded as Tokyo, not as beautiful as Kyoto, but it seems to reflect Japan’s culture the most and the wonder of mixing the modern and the old in this city just amazes us. Like how they retain the squat toilet when their technology has advanced to the stage where seated toilet bowls has warmer for the winter.

The grand Osaka castle that everyone takes picture of.

Night time in Osaka, Dotonbouri shopping.

Osaka is also the place where I was introduced to warm sake by Prawn. Really love it so much in the winter! Sake has this sweet and slightly spicy taste that one can hardly ever get tired of.

Kyoto’s red autumn is so beautiful, so much so that I think I snapped the most pictures there. I might be a little bias since autumn has always been my favourite season.

We visited a few temples and shrines there.

Nara was interesting for me as it was my close up encounters with deers! It’s really overwhelming to see so many deers roaming around freely, waiting for humans to feed them with biscuits. We bought some biscuits and fed them too. I was trying to be nice but one of them bite me on my thigh! Hurts so much that I decided to get away from them. lol.

After some temples overdose, we came across a small trek up Mt. Wakakusayama.It took us about 20 mins or so to come up to the top for a really beautiful sky view of Nara.

He was smiling so naturally because I told him to pretend he was playing in a playground happily. HAHAHA. Best direction given ever!

And a Jap advert worthy shot of me taken by Prawn. lol.

We went to Sagano in the evening and caught the xmas light up on time. It’s probably the best decision ever as it was a spectacular view. Paired it with the cold weather, this place felt so much like a winter wonderland at its simplicity.

Got a local to take a picture for us and she shouted “kirei” after viewing the photo. lol, Japanese are just so animated and kawaii!

Shall stop here for the moment. Will continue with the travel blogging next time. (:


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