Thought Bubbles: My year in 2015

I cannot think of a better word.

Many things happened in the year 2015, both the good and the bad.
My super granny passed away this year. Had a little struggle but got over soon.

Attended weddings of my 2 best friends this year. Had the chance to play the role of an emcee with my bf and be the maid of honor. It was also interesting to be involved in their wedding ceremony held in Malaysia.

Sg 50 made the year a little more interesting. Work was kinda different as we had more SG 50 related events. More holidays and there were discounts everywhere!

I tried to exercise whenever I can in the gym, sometimes running in the outdoor park. The highest record of my run so far is 4km. I would strive to make it to a 5km next year!

I learn to play the ukulele! This is probably the best achievement made in 2015. A session of the ukulele held at my work place actually sparks me to get one ukulele myself and start learning it myself. As an music idiot, I’m truly impress with myself!

I was invited by sis to be her makeup model for her assignment and exam. It was pretty fun to see myself dressed and made up like a snow angel.

And the highlight of the year is the year end trip to Japan! It was so much fun, experiencing the late autumn and the start of winter in Japan. And maybe the right company does play a part too. 16 days wasn’t long at all because we enjoyed the activities and each other’s company.

Work was as usual tiring and fast-paced, but supportive colleagues helped a lot. There were many times I have to fight the devil in me and it was a struggle to keep myself sane. I think of 2016 and I don’t know what to do. The inevitable fear in me that I might screw things up, the venture into the unknown scares me. Everything is gonna be different yet same next year. I will just have to take a leap of faith that things are gonna work out just fine. And the lot that I got from Japan spells good so it should be good.

Blogging this year was slow. I did not update my blog as frequently as life caught up. I did not participate in blog awards. I did not go for much media events and neither did I do much of blog reviews. I think there’s a need to change my blog’s direction. No more hoohas and hypes anymore. I want to enjoy blogging at its purest form.

Now for 2016, I’m not quite ready but  I think I have to as work resumes next week. Gonna be another busy year once again!



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