My Valentine is my First Love

My valentine is a practical man. He doesn’t buy me roses and he doesn’t draw me a card all the time. But he would do it occasionally if he has the time because he knows what makes me happy. I love flowers but not bouquet but I appreciate anything handmade or handwritten. He once sewed me a bunny doll which he claimed it to be the ugly miffy. He had also handwritten a card for me before and delivered a short “speech” on why he loves me upon my request. He often sings for me because I love his singing.

This year is the 9th year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Every year we wanted things to be simpler but things got even simpler year by year. lol. He said he would cook a nice steak for me and then watch a movie together.

V day or not, he would still cook for me and I love it! He is very meticulous when he cooks. I took care of the chopping board and the washing while he took care of all the cooking.

We bought Angus Ribeye Steaks which cost much more than the other steaks but he wanted to pamper me on V day. ^-^

I love the steaks and I love the man who cooks it for me.

You see, this man always know how to capture me at my prettiest.

He also wouldn’t mind taking photos with me. Sometimes he would be the one who requested it!

V day is only a day of celebration but our relationship takes years to form a solid foundation. He can buy you the most expensive bouquet and treat you to the most romantic meal you can ever have, but money can’t buy love. As long as we are together and having fun, it is the greatest gift that you can ever give to me.

First Love

Before I fell
in love with words, 
with setting skies 
and singing birds, 
it was you I fell 
in love with first
— Lang Leav


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