Siok and Jo’s birthday

Celebrated Siok and Jo’s birthday celebration at Five and Dime. We have come to an age where gifts are no longer about its value as we can afford whatever we want to buy. It is the sincerity and the heart that matters. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the little surprise at the end of the meal!

The cafe was kinda noisy that they didn’t notice that I actually told the waiter to include candles on the cake and tart. Caught them by surprise when the waiter appears with a lighted cake especially Jo’s since it wasn’t her birthday technically.

The girls met up earlier to write a card for Siok and I especially drew this art for her on the envelope. They thought it was printed. lol. Gifted her a little birthday present as well.

Thereafter, caught a movie with Jo and Siok. Always a good time with them!



Thank you Siok Siok for being such a wonderful friend. Love every meetup with you where we talked about things in life that matter to us. Hope that in the year 2016, you will be the cheerful you and that we will have more time to spend together!


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