I fell in love with siesta

Today I fell in love with siesta. Last week was a tiring one, with 12 hours of work in the office and another 2 hours at home. I felt like a zombie, doing the usual routine work day after day, night after night. I knew my body couldn’t take it soon because I knock out in a min or 2 every night.

Today, I took a breather. Things were really busy in the day time but as soon as I knew nothing’s on in the afternoon, I packed my bag and left the office. I had a cup of ice-mocha and potato wedges in the nearest mall. I worked on my laptop, but it was only a quick one. I shopped around for awhile and I went home and took a siesta.

It was what my body really needs at the moment. I took things slow today and I put away my to-do list. I never felt that good in awhile.

Neglect your body and you will pay for it 
Ever wonder why you start falling sick when you are on a holiday? It’s because when you work so hard that you neglect your body, your body starts to be on a “rest” mode once the stress leaves your body.

Get your feet up, put on your running shoes and start running. It is not the process that’s fun but rather the end of the process that makes one feel super good.

Drink if you need to
I’m not trying to say that you need to start binge drinking. Drinking in moderation does relieve one’s mood and promotes better sleep. Get your favourite drink, chill and unwind with a few good friends.

Start listening to your body before it stops working for you.




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