De-clutter and organize the workspace

Recently, I’ve a lot on my to-do list but my work space is so cluttered that I couldn’t find the motivation to work. So I took the time to de-clutter, re-organize and decorated my space. Well, at least my space is now pretty neat!

Hello my clean work space!
On my desk: A cable organizer to organize my cables, speakers for my laptop, muji acrylic pencil holder, terrarium, a vase, clock, my planner, water bottle and my laptop. I also put up some photographs on the wall.

Drawers are clean and neat too. I organize them using boxes which I’ve accumulated over the years.

Well, my desk now is more or less pretty neat and I now have ample space to work on. I’ve been making sure I keep eveything into where they belong to after working. Not too sure how neat it will remain to be, but I do hope for a  long time!
I’ve  also gotten quite a few storage from Muji to organize my office desk. Once the desk is done up, I will probably put up a picture! Quite excited on this organization project.

Love all these muji storage!


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