Greek Goddess

So the 10 finalists of OMY BEST ADONIS BEAUTY BLOG went down to NEX Adonis for a THANK YOU party!
And the theme was GREEK GODDESS!




Because Adonis is named after GREEK GOD of YOUTH, BEAUTY and VANITY.

(pic from Google)
This is GREEK GOD.
They are either naked or they wear flowy dresses.
Erm, yah I think Greek God wear dresses too.

So anyway, I had to have some inspiration to work on.
Like since this is a themed party, it would be fun if everyone could adhere to the theme!

(Pic from Google)
So this is the look I’m aiming for!
Usually white and gold make a perfect GREEK look!

This was my outfit for the day!

Dress is from F.E.P. Had such a tough time finding a not so sheer white dress.
My headband was from F.E.P too! $5!
My bangles were my own so didn’t have to spend the money.

But the GOLD belt was special!

Cos I actually weaved gold strings together!
My sis had the same belt as me too. haha!
It was actually tough cos the strings get entangled so easily that we had to spend a lot of time to untangle them!

Did a different eye makeup!

Golden eyemakeup that matches my golden nails.😀

My sparkly gold eyeshadow which was actually gold glitter eyeliner!

Okay now is photo spam!

So let’s get the partay started!!
My sis and I were practically in the same colour combi and we get stares everywhere.
Yes we took train like this!

Was given Enzyme Drink.
Very tasty and beneficial for our body!

Had great fun mingling with all the bloggers.
Clara from Dblchin, Juann from judging me , Sara from icyabstract, Kelly from Tardy Queen,  Beauterunway and many more!
Everyone looks so pretty! Super inferior now!



Stay Young, Be Young!

Review of ADONIS products!

The whole competition has come to an end.
It was such a rewarding experience; from meeting all 10 finalists and doing health test at Vivo City Adonis Outlet to having 3 customized treatments for our face and body at Lucky Plaza Adonis Outlet and to yesterday’s themed Thank You party held at Nex Adonis Outlet (which I will blog about it on a later date)

Click here to read my past entries about ADONIS.

Honestly speaking, I wish this journey doesn’t end here. I really enjoyed my treatments at Adonis. The beauticians are always so smiling and friendly and they are so meticulous in every steps they do, including brow shaping! Most of all, I find myself to be so relax over there that each time I go, I fell asleep. Note, I’m not a person who can fell asleep easily!
SO you see how much this means to me!

Remembered that I took detox supplements and bought Comedone Plus from Adonis?

I will be reviewing these 2 products in today’s post!

First up, the Koso Aloe Pine Pollen!

From the first health test by Adonis, I was told that I had lots of toxin in my body which needs to be flush out!
Prior to taking this supplement, I have no constipation problem; I always do it once to thrice daily.
BUT I also noticed that even though I have regular bowels done, the process of letting out was difficult. They were hard and sometimes painful that I bleed from doing big business.

I know right!
It’s so effing disgusting!!

okay. So I began taking 2 capsules of the detox supplement a day.
Till date, I have not yet finished it but I’m already SEEING RESULTS!

You know how happy I am to be letting out WITH EASE!


Totally save my pocket from visiting the doctor. I almost did!

Now, the first thing I do after taking breakfast is to PANG SAI. HAHAHA.
And the next thing I do after lunch is to PANG SAI again! LOL.
Everyday I pang sai for 2 to 3 times? Sometimes I can even go up to 4 times! That’s totally insane!

Yes, so this supplement totally ease my bowel movement!

On the other hand, I also do noticed that I have an increase of body acne. I thought this could be because of detoxification as well!
Oh yes, I also notice that if you take in the supplement from 12am onwards (sometimes I sleep late. Guilty), it doesn’t work as well.
So do try to take in the supplement between 10pm to 11pm for optimum result.

This was another product which I bought from ADONIS.
I bought it with my OWN MONEY. This is not sponsored okay!
If you cannot recall what this product does, read this:

I used this ONCE every night on my NOSE area.
And you won’t believe what it does to me until you see the pictures!

Before: And I mentioned that it was already better than before I did the treatment at Adonis.
Still, you can clearly see those little black dots of my nose. These are BLACK HEADS which can be so stubborn at times.


I look at the pictures and go WOAHHHHH!

Seriously, this product does wonders! And all you need is a drop every night!

So thank you ADONIS for making me a pretty girl.🙂

PS: That’s a sneak preview of my outfit at the themed party!😀
Can’t wait to share!

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My last facial from Adonis!

I just had A.D Facial (Adonis Facial) one week before I started work!!

I love facials, especially one without extractions. No pain, no redness, just smooth and clear skin!
What’s not to love about?




So the usual began!
Always start the session with a nice warm tea and a clean hot towel provided by them.
I really like it. Sometimes I had no time to drink due to travelling, hence the cup of tea is really helpful in quenching my thirst.
Not only that, it does wonders to our health too!

Then I was brought to my room to change and did my foot bath while beautician cleanse and exfoliate my skin with Soft Peeling Gel.

Remember the Cold Steam which I told you all about?

This is where the cold steam come from …

Next, they continued to apply comedone plus on my skin to soften the pores , ready for the next step to be done!



This was the machine she used on me next …. it is used to remove all the dirty things clogged in my pores.


There is cotton attached to the equipment you see. And this thing “suck” out all the unwanted awful stuff on ur face,
even some of your baby hairs will be sucked out too!

My skin was red as you can see from the picture because I have sensitive and thin skin. But this is normal and it will go away very soon.



Look! the dirty things….
The beautician said mine was quite clean. The black things you see are my baby hairs. hahaha!
How not to have clean skin when I had so many pampering sessions from Adonis recently?😀



This was the next step. There is a very cooling gel applied to my skin.



Next, I had a very pampering eye treatment! The equipment used was this hot and cold machine.

So she started massaging my eye area using the equipment.
And this was said to help reduce dark eye circles and puffiness.

Lastly, it ended up with a SUPER THICK LAYER OF Ginseng Mask!!!
It to hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and fairer!

I love the mask!

I can go around telling people, hey I just used GINSENG on my skin! wahahaha! 

Erm, btw my lips were also covered with the mask so my lips were really supple that day! HAHA!

Here’s how my skin looks like when I got home.
Supple and radiant!

This is the only facial where I can head out just right after the treatment!

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Take me to heaven

Ohayo girls, time to update my Adonis Beauty Diary.😀

So I went for my second treatment which was for the body called the
Chakra Mystry.
It is a full body + face massage using 7 different Chakra Pure Essential Oil to relieve tension and make one feel relaxed, calm and at ease.

I really need this one since the beautician said that I was very stress and tired.
There is no better way than a massage to calm my body down.

This therapy endorses the miracle discipline of ancient indian philosophy with modern scientific knowledge to promote self healing properties via the 7 main revolving wheel like energy centres in our body. (Chakra).

These are the materials needed for the treatment.
Can you see the 7 colours at the back?
These are Chakra Pure Essential Oil.

Different colour of the Chakra serves different functions.

And the energy centres in our body relates well with these 7 designated Chakra Pure Essential Oil. The treatment can help to release trapped energy, unblock flow passage and take in new energy for distribution within the energy centres.

I was told to soak my feet into the warm water + essential oil for relieve fatigue in our legs.

After that the beautician left me alone to get changed.
I know many girls are afraid to go naked during massages.
But not to worry, in Adonis, they will provide you with disposable undergarments so you won’t exactly go naked.🙂
Oh yes, they will also provide you with some zip lock bags for you to put your watch and accessories. How nice?!

When I’m ready, I call her in. The beautician rub a few drops of essential oil in my palm and told me to do some breathing exercise with her. This can allow the treatment later on to be more effective.

For a start, she started exfoliating/massaging my hands, legs and back with this brush.
It was really really shiok. The force was just nice to make me fall asleep.
This brush is especially made for our skin, so don’t anyhow try this with a random brush at home ok! hahaha!

Then it was scrub and massage, with force exerted on the 7 energy centre.
The force exerted near my butt hurts a bit. But the rest was fine.
I like that this massage is a gentle one compared to other type of SPA treatment I’ve been to. It is very relaxing for me that I really fell asleep for the first time!

Here comes the exciting part!
拔罐 Ba Guan!!
The 3 areas are mainly to stimulate Healthy Skin Cell, Abdomen Hormonal Balance and to improve blood circulation.

Anw, this was scary cos I thought it is going to be painful or they might use fire or needles to do it!

So I kept asking my Beautician if this is going to hurt!
But she said NO….

But that didn’t erase my fear, I held onto my blanket tightly as she inserted these bottles onto those areas with a big syringe like instrument.
Ok. No fire. No needles.

It wasn’t painful. I just felt like my skin is being sucked tightly by these containers.
It was left there to do the magic for 15 mins while she started removing my makeup for the face massage.

My mascara was a little tough to remove but the beautician did not do a rough job.
She changed into a cream cleanser and gently rub off my mascara.
She was indeed very patient in helping me.

I have no more pictures to share with you girls cos I was into the massage, fell asleep, and most of all, semi-naked so I can’t really take pictures….😦
But anw, the rest of the treatment also includes head and shoulder massage. The head and the brow areas massage are very important because it help to relieve tension and to achieve relaxation.I love love the head massage!

For people who need to use their throat very often will find the throat massage soothing.

This treatment ended with a hydrating face mask.😀
Oh and I had a deserving good night sleep thereafter.
The beautician also said it is normal to experience dreams after the treatment as your whole body is in a relaxation mode.

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Sparkling Peel Treatment

     At the age of 18, I started taking good care of my skin diligently, making sure that I don’t skip any of the steps before going to bed. At the age of 20, I signed up for a facial package with the hope to improve my skin condition. At that point of time, my skin was oily with occasional outbreaks and milla seeds.

For 2 years, I’ve been going for facials on and off, usually once a month and on busy period, once every few months. I would say Facials does help me a lot in improving my skin condition and texture. No doubt, the extraction part is always killing, painful and not so enjoyable. But then again, no pain no gain. Now my skin belongs to Normal/Combination all thanks to the effort I’ve made all these while.

Not every girls are born with perfect skin. Not me. But we can always work something out to improve it. I really hope all girls will give facials a try.

And I’m really glad that I went over to ADONIS at Lucky Plaza the other day to try out their Sparkling Peel Treatment!

This treatment is a series of facials sessions that can allow your skin to become firmer, smoother and more radiant with lesser clogged pores!
Also, the peel helps to eliminate blemishes and other skin imperfections, revealing newer and smoother skin.

When I got there the first thing, they gave me a cup of Ginseng Tea which is said to be able to release the heatiness in our body. On the net, it says that Ginseng is used to reduce stress, increase performance and energy levels, improve memory and boost the immune system.

While I had my tea, my consultant analyzed my skin condition again.
She also enquired about the products which I’m currently using and my current skincare regime. It was really detailed.

And she was rather impressed that at the age of 22, I’m already taking good care of skin.

She told me that my skin is good now, with slight pores and clogged nose. There is also a little pigmentation problem due to acne scars on my right cheek and freckles beside my left eye. These are problems which I’ve already realized long ago.

After the consultation, I was ushered into their room and changed into their gown.

I was told to soak my feet into this bucket of essential oil  to relieve stress and fatigue caused by walking. This step was really interesting to me as I’ve never heard of facials which include this step. The beautician told me this can allow the beauty products to work better later on as I’ll be more relaxed.

So the usual steps begin:
1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate

This was the product used to scrub away my dead skin cells.
There are no beads hence it is very gentle and can even be used on the eyes.
With a few rubs, all the tiny flakes will appear.

3. Cold Steam
After cleaning up, she left my face under a cold steam.

4. Next, she started massaging.
I always love this part about facials cos it is so soothing.

She also used this comedone plus on my nose area to soften the skin and unclog my pores.

After massaging, she started doing this treatment on me.
There are no extractions needed. It was like a peel-off mask where she left it on for a few mins and my skin started feeling tight, she then peeled them off for cleaner complexion.
All my white heads and black heads were removed!

Next, she did this all over my face!
It is called the symphony beat.

There are 3 types which you can choose from.

Lifting: Aging Skin * to firm sagging skin
Active – for dull complexions and mature skin
Relax – Young Skin *Combination, oily and acne skin

What I had was the RELAX mode that gives a slight tugging/massaging effect on the skin to simulate every muscles in order to produce desired skin effect.
It is left on my skin to do the job for about 10 to 15 mins.
Apparently there is a rhythm to the process. Sometimes the stimulation goes slow and sometimes the intensity increased.

Actually it looks rather scary in the picture. =x
But this thing is really amazing and not at all scary or painful!
I would like to think that this is the machine that makes the treatment unique!

After that 10 or 15 mins which I almost fell asleep, the beautician came and put mask all over my face and eye mask on my eye area.

I also had hands, neck and shoulder massage! It was really very comfortable and relaxing!!
First time I felt myself sleeping ….
Oh yes, she helped to trim my eyebrows too! And quickly got me a mirror for me to see if the shape is okay. How thoughtful!

After which, she ended off with their moisturizer and sunscreen.

This was the moisturizer she used on my skin.
It was not greasy and not sticky at all!

So anw, here’s the result of my Sparkling Peel!

My skin is smoother, pores are reduced and looking more radiant and hydrated!!!

Omg, the result is like instantaneous!!
I was with zero makeup but yet strutting down Orchard Road with 100% confidence!

Yes, you can with ADONIS!❤

This sparkling peel is also suited for advanced skin problems. As you advcance, peeling may start to occur and it goes deeper into the skin, to clear away more severe cases of acne and pigmentation.
According to my beautician that since this was my first treatment, no peeling will be encountered.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with this treatment and I find it rather unique and different from the usual facials.
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*Ahem, btw, I always have this stupid qn in mind and that is “can I wear contact lens to facials just in case my skin gets red from extractions and I want to wear shades home?” In Adonis, you can!! They have contact lens container and solution should you need them. How thoughtful seriously??!

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#First World Problems

Hello girlies, update you again on my
ADONIS journey!!

Today I shall be introducing you some of the products from Adonis!!
Yes, Adonis not only provide facials but they also have a range of products from supplements to skin care to suit everyone’s need!

#First world problem which people face nowadays is

Due to environmental issues such as pollution and the chemicals or pesticides on food which we ate, our body actually accumulated a lot of toxics! And if these toxics are not remove, there will be a lot of health implication and skin problems.

Therefore, my Adonis consultant gave me a bottle of detox supplement to aid in my detoxification process. Yes, we all want to achieve beauty from within.

2 capsules before I sleep.

How to differentiate your normal waste from the detoxed waste?
Your normal waste would be yellow and not as smelly but the detoxed waste will be darker and more smelly.

I just started last night and the next morning, the detoxification process begins!
Will observe till I finish the bottle!

Another #First world problem which people are concern about is

Due to frequent makeup and poor removing makeup habits, we often find ourselves having clogged pores. Sometimes, the products which we use may clogged our skin as well.
Hence, girls do remember to look out for the word “non-comodogenic” when purchasing any skin care products.

My consultant told me that I do not have clogged pores on my cheeks, but I do have a very CLOGGED NOSE!
Yes, the above is my strawberry nose taken with flash light as my camera can’t capture so much details without flash. Anw, this picture was taken after I had my first Adonis treatment (which I’ll share soon), the clogged pores are not so bad already. Can you imagine my nose before the treatment? YUCKS!

To help me with my strawberry nose, I purchased Adonis Comedone Plus.
This is one of their best seller.

She told me to apply just one drop on my nose and chin every night.
I believed this serum will help to soften the skin on my nose area and makes removing of black and white head easier. She said with continuous usage, you can remove the black and white heads with a light squeeze.

I will update you girls if this works for me!

I will also be updating my regime a little.
Like how my consultant suggest, I’ll be using a lotion based moisturizer at night.
I’m changing my sunscreen to something more moisturizing too.
And as for my diet, I’ll try to drink at least 2 cup of (flavoured) milk each day.
Still hate milk and cheese a lot!😦
Will try to cut down on proteins though I think it isn’t quite possible. lol.

Next entry on ADONIS will be my first facial treatment!!!
It’s really really good! Will rave more about it next time.

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Beautiful inside out with ADONIS

Very honored and elated to be one of the top 10 finalists for the OMY Adonis Best Beauty Blog Awards 2011.  I’ve been participating for years (with old blog) back then when there’s no beauty blog category but didn’t have the luck to get through. To be honest, I almost wanted to give up participating and I’m so glad I didn’t!

This year, I’m very very grateful that my blogging has been regonized! All thanks to my lovely readers that I’m able to come to this stage.🙂 I’m fighting the battle with the rest of the beauty bloggers whom I sort of know through events so I’m glad we are all in this together! No matter what, we are all winners already!

Will be receiving customized treatments from Adonis. Therefore, I’ll definitely be blogging my best for this whole of JUNE as I update you bits and pieces of my beauty journey with ADONIS!❤

P/S: If you don’t already know about Adonis, you are outdated! Follow me and find out more!😀

Was at Adonis yesterday for my first briefing, interview with OMY and also a skin and body consultation.

I was the only one who spoke Chinese during the interview because I’m just more comfortable with speaking Chinese. :p Everything was smooth though I don’t think I ans some of their qns to the point. LOL.

Was served tea and refreshement during the wait.

The drinks were really nice and all of them had different functions.
I had the middle one which is said to help in detoxing.

Adonis believes in beauty not only on the outside but also beauty from within.
Eat right and be beautiful inside out.
Therefore, drinks like the above can help us achieve beauty from within.

Here comes the exciting part!
The consultation!!

My first stop was at this station where the beautician examine my iris.
The eyes are the soul of our body. It tells us everything and what’s happening to our body.
So the beautician had an equipment which she is holding on, and she used this to scan my eyes where it was zoomed into the computer screen.

Here are some of the problems she said about me.
– Very stress and tired
– Poor sleep
– Poor digestive system and gastric
– May experience body ache esp on the legs
– Menstrual cramps
– A lot of toxic in my body

That’s a whole list of problems. O.O

So she said I have to detox my body and take in collagen because after 20, women depletes a lot a lot of collagen due to our monthly cycle. Even though I do not have gastric, I must prevent myself from eating too much 刺激性 food.

The next stop is a blood test!
They pricked us with a tool and examine one drop of our blood.

Can see the blood?
It’s not painful just like a needle poking through only.🙂

Here are some problems I face from the result of my blood test.
– Too much proteins in my diet. (meaning too much meat, eggs, soya beans etc in my diet)
– Deficiency in Calcium and Iron
The above 2 can increase the risk of osteoporosis and many health problems in the future.
– A little cholesterol

So, I have to cut down on my protein and up my Calcium intake. I also have to eat more green leaf vegetables and fruits that are not too acidic.

Next, it was skin analysis!

She said my skin type is actually normal but oily on the T zone. So it’s like Normal-Combi
This is the first time I heard somebody said my skintype belongs to the NORMAL side!

She said my skin texture is good and the firmness and elasticity is good.
BUT I have a very clogged nose and little fine lines.

So she said for my skin, I should use a Gel Type of Moisturizer (which I’m using) in the day and a lotion/cream type of moisturizer in the night for more hydration (which I’m not).
She also recommend that I should pair my facial treatments with some laser in between to rectify my pores problem. She say if I continue to take good care of my skin, by the age of 30, my skin might look even more beautiful than now!

YAY! Looking forward to being beautiful inside out with ADONIS!

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