Urban Decay 2014 Holiday Line-Up

Urban Decay is officially launching the anticipated 2014 Holiday Line-up on 30th October at all Sephora outlets in Singapore. Not only does the line-up looks extremely gorgeous, it also features both beautiful colours for the colour addict as well as the basic colours that we cannot live without.   The line-up includes the following powerful beauty weapons:

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Haul: Shiseido Sale 2014

It’s the Shiseido Sale again! This year it took place in both 12 and 13 of June but by the time I got hold of the news, it was already the last day of the sale. In cases like this, I have to just deal with their limited products in limited colours. And honestly all their colours left were blahhh. It’s all the browns and the nudes. Oh well, but I managed to get a few items because how can I leave empty handed after coming all the way down right?

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Five ways to spend lesser time in the morning doing makeup

You probably face the same problem as me. And that is not having enough time to do makeup in the morning. I wake up at 5.45am every morning and goes out of the house by 6.15am. Within that half an hour, I have to wash up, bath, put on skincare, dry my hair and possibly some form of makeup so that I can get out of the house without looking like I didn’t sleep last night.

Truth to be told, I’ve not been putting full makeup (only BB cream and eyebrows) since I started working. I simply have no time to do that and I am unwillingly to let go of my proper skincare regime. Even so, my skincare regime has been down to just simple three steps (wash, tone and moisturize).

In the event when we are gonna meet some important clients, how can we apply our makeup in the fastest way?

One: Get organized

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